Why us?

We create high performing marketing campaigns that help people who create online courses reach new students and get the exposure their expertise deserves.

3 Critical Problems we Solve...

  1. Getting Experts Setup For Success. Some experts will try to run campaigns themselves (something we recommend), only to find out that they were missing a lot of pieces or a few critical ones. We make sure that this isn't the case. When you are getting serious about success, we will make sure you are ready.
  2. Delivering Maximum Exposure For Your Course. You have created your course, and getting ready to finish it up and are ready to start building buzz, building your list, and making a huge splash when your course launches. We are here for you. We create the strategy, make sure the pieces are in place, and then steer the campaigns to success. 
  3. You Are Ready to Reach a Wider Audience. You might have had a great launch, but you know that there has to be more people out there clamoring for your course. We create campaigns that will reach into the depths of the internet to find those students. To breath new life into your course and give you more students that you can help.

How We solve these Problems...

Over the years, we have found that having the right systems and processes put into place allow us to deliver predictable and successful outcomes for our clients. 

We Solve These Problems By Providing:

  • Strategies and approaches that fit the needs of our clients and their goals.
  • Budgeting methods that stretch their marketing dollars.
  • Audience exploration and list building that finds people devouring your information.
  • Understandable reporting that enlightens instead of confuses.
  • Project management backbone to make sure that every piece comes together to create a successful campaign.

The #1 Result Our Clients Get...

A customized strategy and execution to reach the audience that wants what you have to offer.

Deeper Core Benefits Our Clients Get...

Outside of the high-performing marketing campaigns that we deliver, our clients have told us that they have received the following benefits:

  • A Peace of Mind. No longer do they have to worry about how their course is going to reach the perfect audience. 
  • Consistent Sales. Whether our clients are getting ready to leave their current job or have been supporting themselves, having consistent course sales is a by-product of our marketing campaigns.
  • Impact on their Market. Being able to deliver and reach more people looking for your information allows our clients to really make an impact on the audience they want to reach. 
  • Confidence to Launch More Courses. Having experts in your corner, strategies to launch, and how to navigate problems that will come up, silences that little voice that might hold you back from launching your next masterpiece and allows you to keep helping the people who need your help the most.

Dan Paluska

Who is Behind Click Hub?

I am! My name is Dan Paluska and since 1998 I have been marketing online. And it is during that time, that I have seen how profound of an impact online coaches and courses have had in my professional career. 

From learning search engine optimization to learning the skills necessary to managing large marketing budgets on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, I know I wouldn't be in the position I am in now without these online courses and coaches.

I know the value that an expert can bring to the right student and I want to make sure that you get your voice heard and make the impact that you want to make.