Ready to Grow

Your funnel is already working. Your traffic is decent, but you are looking to get ongoing leads to keep the sales and traffic rolling in.

This is a great place for both you and us to be. You know what is working and we (most likely) have data to see how we can improve. This can be a great option for you if you were running your ads and ready to hand this over to someone else. Alternatively, it can be a great option if you had someone else running your ads and need to fill that empty spot.

Perfect For:

  • Selling your existing course.
  • Generating more opt-ins for your list.
  • Sending more traffic to your site.
  • Testing us before your next big launch.

Not Great For: Someone who needs help just getting started either with the new course or just in general. Is that you ? If so, click here for a better option !

What We Typically Charge...

Price: Starting at: $1,500/mo

Note: Cost is dependent on budget and scope. Curious what it would cost for your campaigns? Contact us today and let's figure it out.

What is Included: 

  • List building campaigns.
  • Retargeting campaigns.
  • 1 Weekly check-in call (If necessary).
  • Weekly Basic Report (Ad Spend, KPIs).
  • Monthly Complete Report (Ad Spend, KPIs, Ad Set & Campaign Performance).
  • Strategy Consulting, Split Test Recommendations, Etc...
  • Optional: 
    • Landing page split testing.
    • Google Analytics goal setup.
    • Content awareness campaigns to build buzz.

Time Length Suggested: 3 months

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