2 Month Authority Farm Test

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Quick Summary

A client came to us and wanted to see what we could do in two months with a campaign that wasn't producing what the had hoped. We gladly accepted the challenge and almost doubled their monthly leads.


  • 2 Month Challenge
  • Doubled the amount of leads during challenge.


This client had been managing their own campaigns. They had become too busy to dedicate the time necessary to take care of the campaigns.

They came to us to see what we could do. They gave us a two-month challenge and wanted to see what we could do.

How We Helped

Since the campaigns had been ignored, we started with a comprehensive audit. We found some quick fixes that we knew we could capitalize on.

Primarily, they were not fully utilizing remarketing campaigns and their audiences needed a little tune up.

Future Plans

We generated 58 leads in two months. Something that took them on average four months to accomplish. Lead quality remained high and they were quite pleased.

Because of the influx in leads, they were now really too busy to manage the campaigns and we have now entered into a long-term management agreement to help generate even more leads over the next couple months.