Are these the same campaigns?

Facebook Screenshot - Date Range: 7/4/16 - 6/30/17
Facebook Screenshot - Cost Per Lead

This was an older program that had been ignored and let to run without much management. After looking at the historical data, we rebuilt and turned this into one of their most important campaigns for new student enrollment.

  • Increased Student Leads by over 60%.
  • Decreased 3 of the 4 Campaigns
  • Now One of the most Imporant Facebook Ad Campaigns


When a campaign starts to get ignored, we have found that it is hard to get a client re-engaged without making some big improvements. This campaign was no different.

The client didn't dedicate many resources to the project and didn't believe that we could turn around the program.

How We Helped

We knew that in our first month we had to make a big splash. After auditing the landing pages we knew that this would be our first focus.

Thankfully, their graphic designers were amazing and produced exactly what we needed. Within a short period, the campaigns started to improve. 

Our next focus was on the audience targeting. Again, this campaign had largely been ignored but still was generated leads and data. So we took advantage of this and modified each Ad Set to better focus on what was working.

Future Plans

Between our landing page modifications and audience adjustments, we were able to get the attention of our client.

They were very impressed and started to see some incredible results in their enrollment numbers. We have since expanded the program and have seen a dramatic increase in interest since taking over the management of these programs.