Can we get less expensive leads?

Facebook Screenshot - Cost Per Lead

Quick Summary

Can we get less expensive leads? The answer was yes. Our client was extremely pleased and saw an awesome ROI.


  • Almost 40% Reduction of Lead Cost
  • Kept Lead Volume At Same Level


The campaign was generating a high number of leads and our client did not want to lower the quantity, just the cost.

There was relatively low flexibility in changing the offer or the landing page given the resource constraints.

How We Helped

Reworking the audiences is where we first concentrated our efforts. We found that there were little pockets of targeting that generated the bulk of the leads. We cut out the low-performing audiences and saw a great drop in cost per lead.

The other area for concentration was with the ad copy. While we couldn't change the offer, we could change the ad copy. We saw that this increased our clicks and attracted a much more receptive audience that was interested in the courses that were being offered.

Future Plans

With a 39.69% reduction in per lead cost and minimal reduction of lead volume, to say our client was pleases is an understatement. 

With this success we were able to modify the offer and further reduce our lead cost and increase our lead volume.