Lead Cost Goes Down / Budgets Go Up

Facebook Screenshot - Lead Cost
Facebook Screenshot - Lead Count

Quick Summary

Our client came to us with two problems. Lead cost was too high and lead count was too low. Thankfully, we were able to take care of both problems and get their programs back on track.


  • Increased Student Leads by over 100%
  • Decreased Student Lead Cost by 33%


Our challenge with this online course had to do with the number of people who had managed this campaign. Over the last two years five different managers had tried to fix the campaign.

After each manager would fail, they would leave a trail of ads, ad sets, and half-executed strategies that were never cleaned up.

How We Helped

Our first task was to audit and take stock of what the status was of the campaigns. Before long, we had over 40 corrections that needed to be completed before we could work our magic.

After getting everything cleaned up, the campaigns started to become more predictable and we saw some positive increases starting to occur.

Future Plans

Now that we have cleaned up the campaigns and have started to optimize them, we have seen some great results. Leads are now starting to flow in more regularly and classes are starting to fill up. 

With the addition of new audience targeting and ads, we are expecting to have even better results going forward.