Course launcher

You want to blow the sales off the charts. You want to get your course into the people who need your course the most. If that is you, then we should talk.

Strategy and Execution. Most people can get the strategy correct. However, executing and actually pulling it off is where most fail. And that sucks. You have have worked hard to put together your course. Now is not the time to slap together a quick Facebook Ads strategy and hope that it works. Rather, know that the strategy and execution that we provide to our clients will put your success and course in the best position to succeed possible.

Not great for if you are looking to just build your list or expand your reach. If so, click here for pure list building and click here for audience expansion!

What We Typically Charge...

Price: Starting at: $1,500 per launch.

Note: Cost is highly dependent on budget and scope. Curious what it would cost for your campaigns? Contact us today and let's figure it out.

What is Included: 

  • List building campaigns for pre-launch content (challenges, webinars, video series, etc...).
  • Retargeting campaigns for sales.
  • Content awareness ads to nurture existing leads (if necessary).
  • Conversion tracking setup and verification.
  • Weekly Basic Report (Ad Spend, KPIs)
  • Monthly Complete Report (Ad Spend, KPIs, Ad Set & Campaign Performance)
  • Optional: 
    • Landing page split testing
    • Google Analytics goal setup.
    • Google AdWords Display retargeting campaign.
    • Content awareness campaigns to build buzz.

Time Length Suggested: 3 months

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